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(March 13, 2023)

Reunion Committee Update:  The committee met on Jan. 24 to discuss the 2022 reunion/birthday party as well as the possibility of planning a 60th for 2025.

First of all, we need to know whether or not our classmates are interested in a 60th. So far, we have received several "Yes" votes. Considering how the number of attendees steadily decreases as the years fly by, we are thinking about holding a pay-as-you-go dinner/get-together on one evening only, rather than two separate evenings.

The committee also discussed the future of this Class of '65 website. We are having a difficult time justifying its existence and are thinking about renewing it for 2023 -- but not for 2024. Between now and May 1, 2024, we would need to compile an up-to-date contact list of all of you who wish to keep in touch.

Thanks to classmate donations during the 2022 event, we have enough money to renew this website for 2023. If any money remains in the reunion bank account after renewal billls are paid, that amount could be applied to the 60th reunion.

So, please email me (Judy Cox Ermold) or someone else on the Reunion Committee (listed below) to let us know if you would like to attend a 60th reunion in 2025 (assuming the good Lord is willin' and the crick don't rise!). The year might sound distant, but we all know how FAST time passes!

Sad note: We have already lost a very dear classmate this year (Jan. 26) -- Lynda Bill Cox, a graduate of Edgar Road School, Hixson, and WGHS. Lynda was a close friend of Patty Clay Mussen, who notified me of our loss.


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57-Year Reunion &
75th Birthday Party Memories


Click on the headings shown in the left panel of this Home Page to see various pages -- including the new 57-YEAR REUNION (2022) & the class BUZZ BOOK. (Is your information correct?)

** See snapshots on the 2022 REUNION page. Let us know of updates for the MILITARY SERVICES, IN MEMORIAM, and BUZZ BOOK pages. 

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What We Did:

The Friday (Oct. 7) Mixer was so much fun!! This was the reunion "ice breaker," where we began recognizing and reconnecting with one another. Great to see several out-of-towners, as well as locals. Lots of laughs & photos!

The Reunion Buffet & Birthday Party on Saturday was a joyful celebration, complete with party decorations and a special Statesmen birthday cake! And we all sang "Happy Birthday" to our 75-year-old selves, the Class of '65. 

On Sunday, the 'Bye 'Bye Brunch was a bittersweet get-together. So many smiles & hugs -- and also tears (you know who you are, friends). 

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Email judyermold@sbcglobal.net
OR any committee member! 


Reunion Committee & Email Addresses:

Nancy Hagan Baumgartner

Judy Cox Ermold 

Liz Viviano Galie

Sharon Gay Ingram

Jan Evans Keale

Judy Evans LeBlanc

Doug O'Brien

Christine Cunningham Sutton


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