WHO attended
The WGHS Class of '65 Reunion!

Jo Ann (Adragna) and George Everhart
David Anderson
Peggy (Anderson) and Rick Hegner
Cheryl and Jim Armstrong
Sandy Baer
Pat (Baldwin) Christopher*
Linda and Gene Barron
Barbara* and Bob Batts
Carl Baxley
Ron Berger
Linda (Beswick) Helm
Lynda (Bill) and Jim Cox
Alice (Blackman) Abbley and Guest
Cherry (Blume) Belstock
Syndi and Dave Bradley
Nancy and Gary  Brasser
Judy (Brinkmeyer) and Grant Birch
Anne (Brooks) and Dave Gibson
Glenn Brown
Kate (Brown) Hammond
Pam (Brummet) and Alan Mueller
Marianne (Bulfin) and Bob Von Rohr
Cris (Burton) Coffman*
Beverly (Bushyhead) Catalano
Sharon (Butler) Rau
Patti Cahill
Sue and Steve Card
Jenny (Carlisle) Weatherly
Carol (Carmody) Maurer
Nancy (Devlin) and Bill Cason**
Langston Chambers
Sally (Chase) Cobb
Andy Christensen
Patty (Clay) and George Mussen
Gary Cobb
Jane (Cooley) Hutchins
Randi (Corcoran) Clark
Jane (Couch) Besse
Judy (Cox) and John Ermold
Scott Crain
Sherry (Crain) and Bill Coburn
Christine (Cunningham) Sutton
Sue (Dickens) and Alan Hack
Annette Dubrouillet
Dave Durham
Elizabeth* and Kurt Eisleben*
Tom Ely
Jan (Evans) and Bob Keale*
Judy (Evans) and Ray LeBlanc
Barb (Faust) Neff
Kayla and Dick Fenner
Dale Fiala
Barbara and Jerrey Finnegan
Harry Fitzgerald*
Bruce Frailey
Kathy and Steve Gable
Sharon (Gay) and Mel Ingram
Paulette and Guy Gebhardt
Lee and Bernard Gerdelman
Melinda and Joe Gildehaus
Joe Gill
Sarah (Ginn) Montgomery
Gail (Goetz) Mieling
Bill Goodin
Mary (Gordon) Ahrens
Polly Gregory
Cathy (Griffin)  and Bill Panella*
Sue Grimm*
Bob Habermehl*

Nancy (Hagan) and Lou Baumgartner*
Karen (Hamm) Haak
Ken Hammann*
Brock Hanke
Linda Hardy and Guest
David Harrison

Alan Hatfield
Harry Hawken
Carol Hemphill
Patty (Henderson) McCombs
Cindy (Hodgson) Sloan
Janet Hoffmann
Marilyn (Hole) and Rolland James
Linda (Hollinger) Moore
Mary (Hoppe) and Gil Thorn
Ron Hollis
Janice and Jack Horton
Brenda Jackson
Odessa (Jessup) Maldon
Sally and Doug Jones
Ruth and Jerry Jost
Joyce and Harold Kalde
Jan and Mike Keenoy
Patti (Kelly) and John Pelosi
Sherron and Bob Koerber
Marilyn (Krape) and Rich Rivers
Gloria (Kunkel) and Ron Sommers
Earl Lee
Susie (Sperber) and Nate Lipscomb**
Catherine and Richard Luckett
Kristen and Rod Mackenzie
Adrienne and Jay Magner
Chas Maguire
Tom Manche
Lynn (Manos) Page
John Martin

Liz Martz
Nellann (McClaren) Wolf
Catherine and Hugh McCulloch
Barb (McGee) Teerlinck
Judy (McIntosh) Diepenbrock 
Joyce and Steve Mestemacher
Kris (Miller) and Earl Rinne
Jim Milligan
Liz (Noah) and Jack Treher
Patricia and Doug O'Brien
Mike Patrick and P.J.
Mary and Mike Phelan
Annette Randall*
Beverly (Reeves) and Theodore Jackson
Bruce Rensing
John Rose
Sara Ruddy and Chris Michel
Ginzy Schaefer
Julia and Rev. William (Bill) F.  Scott
Rick Sindel

Shirley and Jim Scatcherd
Walter Smallwood
Richard Sommer*
Martha (Spano) Harris
John Sperling
Paula (Spindler) and Arthur Matlock
Lucie (Sturgis) Keating
Jane and Bill Thesing
Rich Thien*
Janet (Thomas) and Frank Zimmer
SueEllen (Walker) and Larry Turner**
Mary (Turner) Mennemeyer

Kathy (Vining) Phares*
Liz (Viviano) Galie
Connie and Bill Ward
Jane (Ward) Lindberg
Mary Ann (Wagner) Rolfe
Mary Cay (Warren) Funk
Barbara and Jay Webb
Joe and JoAn Wehner
Ronnie Wells
Dora and Bob Welsh
Beth (Westmoreland) Gewinner
Jackie (White) Boyce
Tony Wilbas
Davida Wilkins
John Willman
Nancy (Wilson) Schmid
Ellen (Winkler) Slicker
Orit and David Wirtz
Gina and Jim Withers
Barbara and Don Woehle
Donna (Woodard) and Dallas Ziegenhorn
Gerald Wylie
Hunter Wylie
Sharon and Albert Yokley

* Attending Friday Only
** Classmates/Couple

If you would like to purchase Statesmen swag to wear to the reunion, the WGHS Parents Club has an online store:


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