A big congratulations to our own Mike Patrick, a Vietnam War veteran whose service was recognized by the Honor Flight Network in 2022. Veterans from WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War eras are invited to participate. 
     Photo 1: An enthusiastic crowd greets Mike as he arrives at the airport in Washington, D.C., 
on September 17, 2022. 
     Photo 2: Mike stands at the top row, left, with a group of other U.S. mililtary veterans he joined for the two-day Honor Flight adventure of a lifetime.

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57-Year Reunion: "Excused Absences"  (2022)
  • Jerry Jost and his wife will be cruising the Rhine River.
  • Ditto Mary Cay Warren Funk and her hubby!
  • Harry and Kathy Hawken will also be on a cruise.
  • Alan Hatfield will be visiting his daughter.
  • Karen Hamm Haak will be working at a charity event for a local children's hospital.
  • Melinda Hall will be traveling.
  • Shirley Watson Kruse will be attending a wedding.
  • John Rose, who is "mostly retired," has long-awaited plans to spend time with his daughter and her family.
  • Don Kelley will be exhibiting his unique KelArts jewelry creations.
  • Bob and Sherron Koerber are relocating to Columbia, Mo.
  • Very sad to report that Bill Thesing recently lost his beloved wife of 45 years. "... Maybe I can make it in the future, but this one has been too difficult."
Several classmates are unable to attend due to health issues -- of their own or of family members. Others feel uncomfortable about traveling. Some have simply lost interest. Sadly, too many have passed away.

And, of course, a number of people have not been reached because their contact information is outdated. The Reunion Committee hopes that people who are curious about their class reunion would search for a website, check with the Alumni Office, or even contact old Webster friends for information. 

Whether or not you will be attending the 57th Reunion, please feel free to write a note to post here. 

Looking forward to a happy reunion, filled with laughs, memories, plus lots of updates! 


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