Greetings Classmates,

Wow – it’s hard to believe 50 years have passed since the senior class at Webster High broke ranks and headed off in so many different directions.  It will be nice to regroup in October and recapture some of the adventure and fun of being teenagers in Webster Groves.  There are many classmates and experiences I have happy memories of so am looking forward to reconnecting a bit, and to hearing some of the rest of the stories.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great turnout.   

 After graduating from UNC I married Susie (Sperber, WG ’64) and we lived in St. Louis, Dallas and Omaha, before settling in Connecticut where we raised our 3 daughters (Julie, Amy and Elizabeth).  Along the way I got to know the main character in Miss Rep’s Christmas Pageant in a personal way, for which I am eternally thankful.  Business experiences have included good times in the corporate world, starting and growing a company for 20 years, and, since 2005, building and running a Minor League (Red Sox) baseball organization and ballpark in Greenville SC (no connection to knowing how to hit or catch a ball).  We love the town and really enjoy being grandparents. 

Thanks to the Reunion Committee for putting the upcoming event together.  Hats off to those who are traveling from far away to be on hand, and to those of you who are already in and around the St. Louis area, please come – the party won’t be the same without you!

See you soon,

Comments written in my yearbook from 50 years ago are very, very funny.  A few of you had me pegged as a “stoner” of sorts.  Surprisingly close- but instead of escaping with weed, I escaped to the mountains and canyons.  For many years, as my personal transformation evolved, I was unaware of the seductive nature of solitude. 
Academically my undergraduate years were about as unassuming as my high school era.  Yes, it is true that my GPA was an astonishing 2.0149 at Drury College but 30 plus years later in graduate school it was a solid 4.0.  This was my opportunity to break out of a career rut to live and study in the Grand Teton National Park for a year at the Teton Science School.  Later at Prescott College, like in Wyoming, I was a bit older than my other classmates.
Despite moving to Utah with visions of backcountry skiing, winter is now my down season.  During this time for motives that mostly escape me, I work the minimum allowed at one of the local ski resorts in a job that any of us could have mastered 50 years ago.  As the contrarian in the ski corral, I don’t ski but prefer to snowshoe with my dogs in beautiful settings without ego.  Other retirement careers have included being a field guide with several wilderness therapy programs and leading Native American youth in conservation work.  My corporate career pales in comparison.
Current priorities find me in the midst of a multiyear endeavor of hiking the Continental Divide Trail with this year’s goal to complete Wyoming and Colorado. Beyond the seasonal opportunity to hike the CDT there is an inexhaustible amount of natural history and archeology to explore on the Colorado Plateau.  
Occasionally, for amusement, I will go to our Website’s list of classmates as my mind briefly drifts from name to name wondering what it might be like to catch-up with a given individual.  Unconsciously I sometimes linger at those who have remained in the St. Louis area.  The sense of place they enjoy* is something I didn’t discover until my good karma was revealed in mountain and canyon environments; my transformation continues.
Like-minded classmates who can identify with the above are welcome to contact me at, John Hoener
A Message from Carol Brock Kenney
A BIG hug to you all!  My heart is certainly with you during this very, very special weekend, and I am extremely sorry that I cannot be there to share in the fun.  I thought surely I would make our 50th!
From observing our changing culture over the 50 years since graduation, I have grown to appreciate more with each passing year the very special times we shared growing up in Webster Groves in the Fifties and Sixties.  Neighborhoods were safe.  We could bike to school or the pool and know that our bike would be safely waiting for us.  Families were generally stable.  Most people attended church.  And, at WGHS, we were blessed with a plethora of devoted teachers, a challenging curriculum, and gifted students.  Our public education matched many private schools.
WGHS was a springboard to for my post-high school education on the East Coast and a professional career on Wall Street.  My husband (74) is still working full-time in the financial business; we have two wonderful daughters who are 30 (married and working) and 26 (working).  As parenting responsibilities have grown shorter, my work in the community has grown longer.   There are several events that I am hosting over our reunion weekend that could not be changed.
A huge thank you to the Reunion Committee for all the work on the terrific website and the efforts that makes this event possible.  I will be thinking of you with the fondest memories and with gratitude for all the good times and special moments shared.
With warm regards to all,

Sept. 15, 2015 – A Note (and Menu) from Jim Withers
Much like my homework assignments from back in the day, I am getting around to this at the last minute.
I don't exactly have a picture, but have attached a scan of a menu from Hy's Drive In, in Rock Hill, where I worked when I was at WGHS.  Best onion rings in the world, as I recall.
See you in October!
Jim Withers

Here is Jim and Gina's '65 classic, with an invitation!

Looking forward to the reunion!

My wife and I have been restoring a 1965 GTO for several years and I am planning on bringing it to the school tour and the breakfast (weather permitting -- I don't drive it in the rain).  I've attached a pic.  Anyone wanting to get a selfie in the car is welcome!

See you in a week.

Jim Withers

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